Hut & Track Maintenance

Taupo, 20 October, 2018

Members of the Central North Island Sika Foundation, NZDA Taupo and Hunters & Habitats supply volunteers to help out DOC with hut and track maintenance. DOC supply all of the materials and fly the teams in, they can stay for an extra day or two and have a hunt when the work is done.

Mike Main & Josh van der Valk went into the Cascade hut on Thursday 18 October and came out on Saturday 20 October and carried out the following work. Removed the fireplace as it was very badly cracked. It had a 20mm crack in the bottom plate which would let hot ash and embers fall out. The top plate also has a crack in it which lets smoke fill the hut. They also moss killed the hut and long drop, removed the water tank and scrubbed it out and put a large stainless-steel tap in the bottom to drain silt etc out when needed, cleaned guttering, stapled chicken mesh to the deck and steps, removed some small trees and scrub around hut to let more light in and replaced mesh in the meat safe.

A return trip will be necessary to install a new fire, replace a broken hinge on the meat safe, replace clear light on the roof and maybe stain the hut just to freshen it up and protect the cladding. Thanks guys, the users of the Cascade hut will appreciate your hard work!