Join the NZDA Taupo Branch


The NZDA Taupo membership subscription year is from 1st March to 29th February.

Membership Types 

Click on the following link to download:

Application Form for Membership of Taupo Branch – New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association 

NZDA offers full members:

  • Hunting & Wildlife Magazine
  • National Competitions for; Antler, Horn & Tusk + Photographic and Video + Target shooting
  • Training & Certification for; HUNTS instructors, Douglas score measurers, Range Officers & Rifle ranges
  • A discount on DOC annual passes
  • A discount on the interisland ferry
  • A national voice to ensure that Hunting in New Zealand has a future
  • Public Liability Insurance: $10 million liability insurance (including $1million cover for the Rural fires Act as well as punitive and exemplary damages)

For any questions or assistance, please contact: