Club Night- 24th April 2024 7pm

The next club night is 24th April 2024. Lee Perry knife maker Taupo Innerwild NZ is coming at 7 pm to demonstrate knife making. There will be knife sharpening demos, Participants can bring along your hunting knives. There will be a mystery prize for the sharpest knife. We also are having a special quest at […]

Military Rifle .303 Shoot at Range 2

Calling all .303 enthusiasts! Join us for an exciting day of shooting at the NZDA Rifle Club! Dust off your old military rifles and put them to the test on our 100m range. This is a great opportunity to: Sharpen your marksmanship skills Meet other shooting enthusiasts Have some fun in a safe and controlled […]

Event Series 200 Metres Sighting

200 Metres Sighting

During NZST, the sight verification sessions will be on the 1st Tuesday of the month, 5 pm – 7 pm. When NZST ends, the sight verification sessions will change to the 1st Saturday, 3 pm – 5 pm (daylight dependant). During the 2-hour time slot, we hope to be able to shoot for ~ 20 […]

Running Target (S9, 10, 11)

Running Target (Game) will be shot on the 1st Sunday of a month, with slow runs in the morning followed by fast in the afternoon, if requested, after the speed mechanism change-over. Branch trophies are awarded for the “slow runs” events. The target transits the 10 mtr gap in 5 seconds for “slow”, and 2½ […]

Rimfire & Centrefire 100 mtr (S4-7, 13), and Wilkinson Cup

Centrefire 100 mtr, and Rimfire 100 mtr & 50 mtr. S4-7, S13 Taupo Branch trophy/championship rules provide for 20-shot, 4-position, matches. An unlimited number of sighting shots, 3 minutes time-limited, followed by 5 shots in each of the four positions. Prone and sitting, time allowed is 5 minutes each, and kneeling and standing time allowed […]