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The NZDA Taupō membership subscription year is from 1st March to 29th February.
Click on the linkk to download your Application Form for Membership of Taupō Branch:
New Zealand Deerstalkers’ Association 

Membership types

Membership Types

SENIOR* Full benefits at national and branch level
* NZ Hunting and Wildlife magazine (digital version)
* Branch newsletter
* Eligible to enter national and branch competitions
* Eligible to join committees
* includes liability insurance

You can also add your family members to your membership for $5.00 per family member.

Must be attached to 'primary' member, i.e. senior member

Children must be under 18 years of age at the beginning of the financial year

Each family members receives a personal membership card

Includes hunting liability insurance
JUNIORAs per above. Must be under 18 years of age as at 1 March. Full benefits apart from voting rights.
ASSOCIATEGain access to branch facilities and activities only, excludes NZ Hunting & Wildlife magazine, National level competitions, voting rights and insurance cover.
AFFILIATE ('Friend of Branch')As per senior. Must be a full member of another branch. Must produce membership card as proof.
STUDENTAs per senior. Must be attending a tertiary institute or undergoing an apprenticeship. Proof must be provided.
Over 65 years old as at 1 March. Full benefits, as per senior.

NZDA offers full members:

Hunting & Wildlife Magazine

National Competitions for; Antler, Horn & Tusk + Photographic and Video + Target shooting

Training & Certification for; HUNTS instructors, Douglas score measurers, Range Officers & Rifle ranges

A discount on DOC annual passes

A discount on the interisland ferry

A national voice to ensure that Hunting in New Zealand has a future

Public Liability Insurance: $10 million liability insurance (including $1million cover for the Rural fires Act as well as punitive and exemplary damages)

For any questions or assistance, please contact: