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The club has a huge range of books and DVDs on hunting, shooting, fishing and wildlife that members may use and borrow. The books are kept in the clubroom and if you are interested in one or more of these resources, please contact Alan Gordon, ph: 021 154 9511.

Topics & TitlesAuthorEdition ISBNPublisherDonated byContents
Sporting GunsRichard Akehurst19727064 0103 4Octopus Books LtdMalcolm ThompsonDevelopment of Sporting Guns, 16th Century onward
the duckshooter's bagMurray Williams19810 9597609 0 3The Wetland PressMalcolm ThompsonAn understanding of NZ's wetland gamebirds
gamebird huntingTom Caithness19820-9597609-1-1The Wetland PressMalcolm ThompsonProblems, questions and answers
Gamekeepers For The NationR.M. McDowall19940-908812-37-XCanterbury Uni. PressMalcolm ThompsonThe Story of NZ's Acclimatisation Societies 1861 - 1990
Wing Shooting in NZJack Byrne19820-589-01390-4A.H. & A.W. Reed LtdMalcolm ThompsonPheasant, Quail, Partridge, Duck and Goose
Australian & NZ Shooters' Omnibus(edited by) Rodger Hungerford19800-589-50125-9A.H. & A.W. Reed LtdMalcolm Thompsonhow too's
Gundogs for Field or TrialRoy B. Burnell1979, reprint909950 81 4Jack Pollard Publishing Pty. Ltd.Malcolm ThompsonPart 1 - General breeds, Part 2 - Training
The Big ShotsJonathan Garnier Ruffer1979, 4th reprint0-905649-05-2The Trinity PressMalcolm ThompsonEdwardian Shooting Parties
The Guinness Guide to Field SportsWilson Stephens19780-900424-47-8Guinness Superlatives LtdMalcolm ThompsonThe Gun, The Rod, The Saddle
Beretta Worldwide Catalogue2004 OctMalcolm ThompsonCatalogue
Browning Intl1905-06-23 00:00:00Malcolm ThompsonCatalogue
NZ Game Bird Hunting1997-98Fish & Game NZA guide to hunting regulations, F & G regions
Bird Hunting(edited by) Bob South20051-877256-45-5The Halcyon Press
Bird Hunting, copy # 2
Popular Fly PatternsTerry Hellekson1984 6th reprint0-87905-065-9Gibbs M. SmithKen Duncan
Line Down!Jack Samson19730-87691-111-4Winchester PressKen DuncanThe Special World of Big-Game Fishing
TroutFishingNorman Marsh19900-908685-60-2The Halcyon PressKen Duncan
Up the Creek with John KentJohn Kent19990-7900-0674-XReed BooksKen DuncanStories from NZ's Great Outdoors
Deceiving TroutJohn Parsons19880-908685-31-9The Halcyon PressKen DuncanThe Flytier's Art
the Caddis and the AnglerLarry Solomon and Eric Leiser19770-8117-0312-6Stackpole BooksKen Duncan
Taupo Fishing DiaryAlex Gillett19810-340-26951-0Hodder & StoughtonKen DuncanA Taupo Fishing Diary
21 Great NZ Trout WatersTony Orman1995, reprint1-86953-113-7David Bateman LtdKen DuncanNth Island & Sth Island
South Island Trout Fishing GuideJohn Kent19900-7900-0131-4Heinemann ReedKen Duncan
Taupo Fishing GuideJames Siers and John Sierpinski1969A.H. & A.W. Reed LtdKen Duncan
Fishing the Wild Places of NZTony Orman19910-908608-52-7The Bush Press of AucklandKen Duncan
Fishing Dry Flies for TroutArt Lee19820-689-70662-6Atheneum PublishersKen DuncanFishing Dry Flies for Trout on Rivers and Streams
Parsons GloryJohn Parsons19760 00 216902 9William CollinsKen Duncan
Parsons PashionJohn Parsons19900-908685-55-6The Halcyon PressKen DuncanA Troutfisher's Year
Trout On A NymphTony Orman19910-908685-66-1The Halcyon PressKen Duncan
Look CloselyJohn McInnes19921-86941-166-8Random House NZKen DuncanMore stories from a NZ trout fisherman
Going FishingNegley Farson1949, reprintThe University Press, GlasgowMalcolm Thompson
Innocent PursuitsC.S. Jarvis1953John Murray (Publishers) LtdMalcolm Thompson
Fisherman's CountryG.B. Hobbs1955Geoffrey Bles LtdKen DuncanDays in NZ
Trout and Salmon Sport in NZ(compiled by) Tony Orman19800-589-01317-0A.H. & A.W. Reed LtdKen DuncanAn Angling Anthology
Magic in the MountainsMurray Rodgers19930-670-84921-9Penguin BooksKen DuncanThe Adventures of a South Island Angler
Not a proper fishing day at allAlex Gillett19860-908685-06-8The Halcyon PressKen Duncan
The Lure of Fly-tyingF.A.D. ("Fadg") Griffiths197885566 398 7Murray Book Distributors Pty. Ltd.Ken Duncan
Hunting for TroubleCharlie Janes19900-7900-0162-4Heinemann ReedKen Duncan
Hunting for Trouble, copy #2Charlie Janes1990
Possum on a Cold Tin RoofCharlie Janes19980-7900-0642-1Reed BooksKen Duncan
Wild GamePhilip Holden - signed copy19900-340-519665Hodder & StoughtonKen DuncanHunting Gamebirds, Small and Feral Game in NZ
A Hard Shot in the Hills'Big Al' Lester20060-7900-1067-4Reed Publishing (NZ) LtdKen Duncan
The Turkey Has LandedCharlie Janes19950-7900-0411-9Reed BooksKen Duncan
Tucker WarriorKim Swan19930-908685-52-1The Halcyon PressKen Duncan
Off The Track'Big Al' Lester20089780143009856Penguin BooksKen DuncanMore Tales from the NZ Bush
Robert Moffat: Pioneer In AfricaCecil Northcott1961The Camelot PressMalcolm Thompson
Scattered ShotsC.S. Jarvis1949, reprintJohn Murray
Hunting and Fishing Memoirs
Biology and Management of The WapitiMichael C.T. Smith1974 ?NZDABiology and Management of The Wapiti of Fiordland, NZ
The Great Lake Pest Summit1993, MayISSN-0301-4223The NZ Journal of ZoologyProceedings of the National Mammalian Pest Forum, May 1993
The Future of NZ's Wild Animals?1998, NovNZDAA National Seminar Organised by the NZDA_Seminar 2000: Proceedings
Winchester, America's Premier GunmakersK.D. Kirkland19890-7917-0356-8Exeter BooksMalcolm Thompson
Sporting Pastimes, Collecting for PleasureIntroduction by Tony Curtis19921-85170-916-8Bracken BooksMalcolm ThompsonAn Absorbing Guide to the History and Values of Affordable Antiques
The World's Great GunsFrederick Wilkinson19870-861-36638-7Galley Press
The Master HuntersKingsley Field19910670-838934Penguin Books
A Hunting GuideL.H. Harris1973NZ Forest SeviceTo Introduced Wild Animals of New Zealand
You'll Learn No Harm from the HillsNewton McConochie1987, reprint0-474-00296-9Reed Methuen Publishers
The Young HunterGraeme Marshall19870-908685-25-4The Halcyon PressKen DuncanA Beginners Guide to Hunting in NZ
The Young Hunter, copy #2Graeme Marshall
The Young Hunter, copy #3Graeme Marshall
In Hind SightTony Orman19870-86464-089-7Inprint LtdKen DuncanDeerstalking - a personal insight
In Hind Sight, copy #2Tony Orman
A Wild Moose ChaseKen Tustin (signed by)19980-9583723-0-6Wild South Books
The Very Best of Rod & Rifle 1980 - 198519850-908685-05-XThe Halcyon PressBill Meier ?
At Home in the HillsM. James Jordan20021-877256-21-8The Halcyon PressGraham Gurr, Halcyon PublishingThe Tracks of a NZ Hunter
Rifle GuideR.A. (Bob) Steindler19780-88317-092-2Stoeger Publishing Co.Complete, Fully Illustrated Guide toSelecting, Shooting, Caring for, and Collecting Rifles of All Types
Outdoor First Aid1989, revisedNZ Mountain Safety CouncilMountain Safety Manual #14
Outdoor First Aid, copy #2
Bushcraft1984, revisedNZ Mountain Safety CouncilMountain Safety Manual #12
Bushcraft, copy #2
Bushcraft1995, 3rd Edition0-908931-11-5NZ Mountain Safety CouncilMountain Safety Manual #31, Outdoor Skills for the NZ Bush
Safety In The Mountains1963, 5th EditionThe Federated Mountain Clubs of NZA Handbook for Trampers, Stalkers, Skiers & Mountaineers
Outdoor TipsL.W.Johnson, R.Elman, J.Gibbs19720-87502-905-1Rutledge BooksMalcolm Thompson
The Deerstalkers 1937 - 1987Philip Holden19870-340-41636XHodder & StoughtonA History of the NZ Deestalkers Assn. 1937 - 1987
Taupo Deerstalkers 50th Anniversary2007978-1-877256-68-4The Halcyon PressA History of the Taupo Branch NZDA 1957 - 2007
Sika HunterNeil Philpott19980-7900-0608-1Reed BooksBill Meier, N.H. USA
WhitetailsErwin A. Bauer19930-89658-196-9Voyageur Press, Inc.Bill Meier, N.H. USABehavior, Ecology, Conservation
Fallow Deer Hunting in NZBob Pittaway
About Deer and DeerstalkingTony Orman
Red Deer in NZR. Lentils & F. Saxton
The NZ Hunters CompanionR. Lentils & F. Saxton
ADI Handloaders Guide2015, 8th
Barnes Bullets, Reloading Manual No. 11992, 4thWolfe Publishing Co.Mark Bridgman
Barnes Bullets, Reloading Manual No. 32001 Mark Bridgman
Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading1973 Mark BridgmanRifle - Pistol, Vol. II
Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading, copy #2
Hercules, Reloaders Guide for Hercules Smokeless Powders1983
Lyman Reloading Handbook1964, 43rd Mark Bridgman
Nosler Reloading Manual No. 31989 Mark Bridgman
Nosler Reloading Manual No. 3, copy #2
Norma's Guide to Hunting and Target Shooting
Sierra RIFLE Reloading Manual1989, 3rd Mark Bridgman
Sierra RIFLE Reloading Manual, copy #2
Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual1971 Mark Bridgman
Speer Reloading Manual No. 10 for Rifle and Pistol1982, 4th print
Speer Reloading Manual No. 11 for Rifle and Pistol1991 Mark Bridgman
Swift Bullet Co. Reloading Manual No. 12002
Cartridges of The WorldFrank C. Barnes5th, 19850-910676-95-XSheldon L. FactorMark BridgmanCompletely Revised 5th Edition
Cartridges of The WorldFrank C. Barnes6th, 19890-87349-033-9Sheldon L. FactorMark Bridgman6th Edition, Completely Revised and Expanded
Cartridges of The WorldFrank C. Barnes9th, 20000-87341-909-Xkraus publicationsMark Bridgman9th Edition, Revised and Expanded
Reloading for Shotgunners 19810-910676-25-9Sheldon L. FactorMark BridgmanThe Complete How and Why
Modern Hand LoadingMaj. George C. Nonte, Jr19720-87691-046-0Winchester Press
NZ Guns, Issue 13-Dec '92 - Issue 24-Sep/Oct '9413 - 24Waitekauri Publishing
NZ Guns, Issue 25-Nov/Dec '94 - Issue 36-Sep/Oct '9625 - 36Waitekauri Publishing
NZ Guns, Issue 37-Nov/Dec '96 - Issue 48 Sep/Oct '9837 - 48Waitekauri Publishing
NZ Guns, Issue 49 Nov/Dec '98 - Issue 55 Nov/Dec '99
& Issue 10 -May/Jun '92 - Issue 12-Sep/Oct '92
49 - 55, & 10 - 12
NZDA Hunter National Training Scheme (x1)Sep 2005Hunts Course Workbook
NZDA Hunter National Training Scheme (x3)Jun 2012, updatedHunts Course Workbook
Aimpoint, Wild Boar Fever 4
Making TB HistoryPersonal Accounts of Bovine TB in NZ
Maori and 1080DoCSeperating Fact from Myth
Barnes _ Performance vs Deformance
Browning _ MAXUS Design, Construction, Performance
Field Dressing Game Meat Made EasyDarran Meates
On Target _ Safe and Successful Hunting in NZThe Graf Boys
Roarin In Reds _ How to, When to, and What Not toThe Graf Boys
NZDA Nth Taranaki Branch _ Why join the NZDA
Sika On Camera 2000Bob RamsayStag Productions
Target Taupo - issue 40, Jul 2002DoCA Newsletter for Hunters and Anglers in the Tongariro/Taupo Conservancy
Target Taupo - issue 41, Dec 2002DoCA Newsletter for Hunters and Anglers in the Tongariro/Taupo Conservancy
Target Taupo - issue 42, Mar 2003DoCA Newsletter for Hunters and Anglers in the Tongariro/Taupo Conservancy
Target Taupo - issue 46, Jul 2004DoCA Newsletter for Hunters and Anglers in the Tongariro/Taupo Conservancy
Target Taupo - issue 48, Mar 2005DoCA Newsletter for Hunters and Anglers in the Tongariro/Taupo Conservancy
Tongariro, the Annual, Dec 1994 Vol 3DoCA Newsletter for Hunters and Anglers in the Tongariro/Taupo Conservancy
Tongariro, the Annual, Dec 1996 Vol 5DoCA Newsletter for Hunters and Anglers in the Tongariro/Taupo Conservancy
Tongariro, the Annual, Dec 2002 Vol 11DoCThe Annual Journal of the Conservancy
Greenprint, Brief to the Incoming Government, vol one - Oct 1996DoCConservation in NZ - A Strategic Overview
Greenprint, Brief to the Incoming Government, vol two - Oct 1996DoCConservation in NZ - A Guide to the Department
NZ Walkways PolicyApr, 1995DoC
Conservation Action 1995/1996 - 1996/1997DoCDoC Achievments and Plans
Conservation Action Jul 2001 - Jun 2002DoCDoC at Work
Roots - Putake, The NZ Tree ProgrammeDoC
The Cave Creek Tragedy : The Departments ResponseDoC
NGO LinkFeb, 1996DoC
Tongariro, The Tongariro/Taupo NewsletterMay, 1996DoC
On Track, Takahi WaipunaDec, 1996DoC
Marshall's Mission AccomplishedJun, 1996Public Access NZThe 'final solution' for public access?
Some Questions and Answers on 10802nd, Apr 1995National Possum Control Agencies1080 Q&A
Managing Pests for Our Future - report1994/5Environment Waikato Regional CouncilPlant pest survey
Legal Issues and Risk Management for Sports Officials2001The Hillary CommissionCalling the Game
Assessing the Age and Condition of Deer from Jawbones (x4 copies)K.W. Fraser & P.J. Sweetapple1993, reprint 20020-477-01646-4Landcare Research NZ
Guns and GameLynn H. Harris19980-908685-14-9The Halcyon Press
The Helicopter HuntersRex Forrester19870-723-0811 XWhitcoulls Publishers Akl
Stag Doo 'Big Al' Lester2016978-0-14-375406-4Penguin
How to Hunt Sika DeerAlan Simmons19870-908685-30-0The Halcyon Press
Hunter By ProfessionPhillip Holden19930-340-599499Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
Pete the BushmanPeter Salter2014978 1 77553 682 6Random House
Pighunting in New ZealandKen Cuthbertson19740 589 00829 3A.H.A.W. Reed
PighunterBarry Mitcalfe Coromandel Press
Gun Digest Book of Scopes and MountsBob Bell19770-910676-61-5DBI Books
Kiwi New Zealand's Remarkable BirdNeville Peat19991 86962 046 1Random House
Wild Animals in New ZealandCompiled by A.L. Poole19710 589 00411 5A.H.A.W. Reed
Hunting for a HobbyTrevor Paul Bentley2011978-1-877566-07-3The Halcyon Press
Hunting for Love and for MoneyAlex M. Gale19970-9-08685-93-9The Halcyon Press
Along the TrackBill Axbey19911 86950 034 2Harper Collins
Tell them I've gone PighuntingTerry Ngawhika19960 7900 0476 3Reed Publishing
Murphy on my BackRoss Curtis19990-908685-59-9The Halcyon Press
More Essential CrumpBarry Crump20041-86971-010-XHodder Moa Beckett
The Venison HuntersMike Bennett19830 589 01508 7A.H.A.W. Reed
Crumpy's Campfire CompanionBarry Crump19961-86958-288-8Hodder Moa Beckett
The Chopper BoysRex Forrester2002143018493Penguin Books
The Way it Was Tom Brough2011978-0-9864593-5-1Fraser Books
Shooting for the SkipperJack McNair19710-589-00659-2A.H.A.W. Reed
Red Deer in New ZealandRoger Lentle & Frank Saxton19911-86953-037-3David Bateman
Memories of New Zealand Deer StalkingTony Orman 19810 589 01379 3A.H.A.W. Reed
Hang on a Minute MateBarry Crump1966A.H.A.W. Reed
Firearms and HuntingP.C. Logan & L.H.Harris1971A.H.A.W. Reed
Bullock CreekBarry Crump0-9597897-1-5Barry Crump Associates
Deer Farming in New ZealandDavid Yerex1979Deer Farming Services
A Sting in the Tail 'Big Al' Lester20119780143565604Penguin Group
River to RidgeBrian Burdon20021-877256-17-The Halcyon Press
You'll Learn no Harm from the HillsNewton McConochie19660474002969Reed Methuen Publishers Ltd
You'll Learn no Harm from the HillsNewton McConochie19660474002969Reed Methuen Publishers Ltd
Off the Track 'Big Al' Lester20089780143009856Penguin Group
Deer Shooting DaysJoff Thomson1964A.H.A.W. Reed
Alpine Hunting in New ZealandRoger Lentle & Frank Saxton19941869531736David Bateman
The Adventures of Sam Cash Barry Crump19850 908676 50 6Beckett Publishing