Hunter Training


NZDA promotes hunting as a lifetime outdoor activity through the Hunter National Training Scheme (HUNTS). HUNTS was first launched in 1987 and has seen thousands of hunters gain the skills needed to safely and responsibly hunt big game in NZ. The Taupō branch offers the HUNTS course locally.

HUNTS is primarily designed for new hunters who are aged 18+ but younger hunters are welcome with guardian approval. Parents and their child often take a HUNTS course together. Trainees require a good base level of fitness sufficient to allow them carry a loaded pack cross country. A firearms licence is preferred but not mandatory.

The HUNTS course is delivered during 16 hours of theory in a classroom setting across a few evenings. This is followed by field days, including at least one overnight camping trip which often includes big game hunting opportunities.

You will need to be a NZDA member to take part. For more information about what is included in the HUNTS course, see the HUNTS page on the NZDA website.

To reserve your spot and make a booking, contact Kris on 027 307 1324.