Rifle Range

Our range is situated on 62 Mountain Rd, Taupō. That’s just off the Taupō/Napier Highway, SH5.
NZDA Taupō members can access the range as they please and get a key to the gate for $20.
Contact us if you would like one. Non-members must park off the premises and pay a $10.00 range fee per person to use the facilities. Please register and pay either via internet banking via POli Pay or by cash in our honesty box. 

Raise the Safety Warning Flag at the gate, then you may enter the range.
Vehicles must be parked outside the entry gate, except on Range Days. Vehicle entry is for Club Members only.   

You must carry your firearm in a safe condition.
That means unloaded, bolt removed and in some form of carrying case. When you get to the range you wish to shoot on, check that the ranges are safe and clear of any persons. You may then raise the Safety Warning Flags and set-up your targets.


Due to safety concerns on the 200 mtr mound, the following restrictions have been imposed:

  • The 200 mtr mound is closed to non-members and can only be used by members during the week and organised shoots.
  • If there are people forward of the shooting point the range cannot be used. This includes the 50 mtr, running boar range, the 100 mtr range and the Pistol Club.
  • If all areas forward are clear, then the 200 mtr mound can be used.
  • The gate on the drive is to be closed and the flag raised.
  • Shooters are asked to communicate their intended length of shooting to other users waiting to use the other ranges.
  • Once shooting has finished the flag is to be lowered and the gate opened.